The Club holds regular competitions internally and also participates in external competitions between other clubs in the region.

Entries are encouraged from all club members whatever their level of expertise.

2019 Huxford Winner - Julie Darby

2019/20 Competition Subjects

Neither Prints or PDIs will not have a set subject.

Prints of the set subject ‘On The Beach’ – Something (not people or animals) found and photographed at the beach so the environment they sit in is also evident.

PDIs of the set subject ‘Shadows’ – The subject or point of interest is created/emphasised by a shadow or shadows.

Prints of the set subject ‘Night’ – Taken outside at night where the sky can be seen. This can be creative e.g. light/star trails, light painting (outside) or night landscape, street and cityscapes.

PDIs of the set subject of ‘Street Portraits’ – A single or group portrait in a street environment.

Prints of the set subject ‘Steps’ – Steps or stairs which can include people, objects, animals etc. However, the stairs/steps must be the main feature.

PDIs of the set subject ‘Mirrors’ – Images produced using 1 or multiple mirrors.

Prints of the set subject ‘One Tree’ – A single tree in the photographed image. This can be either on its own or within its landscape.